Our core skills and services

Some time ago we wrote a piece on questions I think you ought to ask a Virtual Assistant before you contemplate hiring them.  Now’s probably a good time to start thinking about answering some of those questions myself, so you can get an idea as to whether Time Saving Heroes is the right partner for your business.

We might as well start at the beginning, so today I will be answering “What are your core skills and services?”


Once upon a time I had a reputation for being completely disorganised.  I never handed my homework in on time (in fact, I rarely did it), I could barely remember what class I was meant to be in, I never had the right books with me and I’d invariably be late if I had to be anywhere.

Over the years it’s safe to say a few things have changed.  Yes, I grew up but also life experiences have meant I’ve learnt how to manage my time, and myself better.  The biggest catalyst for that’s probably becoming a parent.

Having five children definitely means you’ve got to be on the ball.  You have to know who needs what, where they need to be and when and how to predict disasters before they happen.

To say I’m quite organised these days is an understatement, and it’s definitely one of my core skills.

That means I’m able to prioritise my workload, ensuring a client’s tasks will get done, even if I have other clients I need to complete work for.


I’ve always been a details person, and that’s one of the reasons I ended up doing a Forensic Science degree. I am a scientific thinker. I enjoy being logical, and approaching things methodically. Give me a mess to sort out, and I’ll tackle it sensibly and get the job done.

It also means that I’m able to stay calm under pressure (again, the kids helped with that training) and pass this on to clients.  If they’re flapping or stressing about something, I can usually talk them down and get them to think about things calmly too.


I’m really passionate about what I do because I love seeing other businesses thrive.  That’s my “why” in many ways.  I want a client to come on board, and whilst they’re working with me to see the impact it’s having.

That passion means that if you care about your business, your products, your customers then I’m going to.  I’ll care as much as you do. Like you, I will wake at 2am in the morning and have that wonderful idea that I simply have to write down.

You really do get so much more than simply someone who can do admin.

Social media and content

I absolutely love being creative, and adore writing. Anything that requires me to put thoughts and ideas down is really going to get me engaged, and that’s why content writing and social media are one of my core services.

I love doing them, and I’m good at them so it makes sense it’s the sort of thing I’m going to plug as much as possible.

Equally though I love inspiring other people to get involved.  I haven’t met anyone who couldn’t handle their own social media (apart from those who don’t have the time). Therefore showing someone how to do it, getting them to think about their own business and what they can post, and then seeing them let loose on it all really gives me a happy.

Virtual Assistance

Any aspect of VA work really interests me too. It’s a great way to see behind the scenes of a business and make a huge impact. No, maybe sending out invoices isn’t the most thrilling thing in the world, but it’s essential for cashflow. It has to be done, and contributing to the health of a business is a wonderful feeling.

I take a lot of pleasure out of establishing what needs to be done, making a list and then working my through it.

Maybe that makes me sad, but it also makes me a good VA.