Hands off my characters!

According to latest news Twitter is all set to lift their 140-character limit, and allow users to post infinitely more content in their Tweets. While nothing is confirmed as yet, it is suggested The Powers That Be (TPTB) will set the limit to 10,000 (which reflects the current limit set for Direct Messages).

For many, the apparently arbitrary 140-character limit is too much of a struggle to keep to, and therefore they welcome the proposed change. Incidentally, if you don’t already know, this limit was designed to reflect the number of characters that could be displayed on a mobile phone screen – so it does make perfect sense, when you think about it. But I digress.

Those who have embraced the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to Tweeting have already expressed concerns that allowing significantly larger Tweets to fill your timeline will drastically alter the look and feel of Twitter. This is obvious; however, it has been mooted by sources close to TPTB that initially only 140 characters will be visible, with a call to action or expansion link needing to be clicked to access the full content.

Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) has been looking at numerous ways to increase user growth, and perhaps this is just the sort of thing people are looking for. Personally, I am not sure that a willingness to change something that is quintessentially Twitterish is the right move. The 140-character limit is a huge part of Twitter’s personality, and to alter this feels to me anyway, like an attempt to become all things to all people.

Do let us know what you think.

#twittercharacterlimit @helloTSHTeam

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