To blog, or not to blog?

Yesterday it was my turn to do the 10 minute spotlight at Bury Business Group. It’s not the sort of thing I particularly enjoy doing to be honest. While I might love a good old chat, standing up in front of a room of 30 plus people (even if I do know them all well) is a little daunting.

The other thing is that it can often be quite hard to know what to actually talk about. I’ve done the whole “Introduction to Lu” thing, and for the new members, or those who missed it last year I can’t help feel that’s what 121’s are for. I also talk about social media pretty much every week in my 60 seconds, so to extend that by a further nine minutes seemed a bit … well, boring and possibly predictable.

In the end I settled on providing a brief walk through of why blogging is important for your business. To be honest, content writing (in all its many forms) is probably my biggest passion. While I of course use social media in my personal life, I don’t “do” social media as a hobby per se. However, I do write. A lot. And when not writing I am thinking about writing. The act of sitting at my laptop and pouring out my heart and soul, my hopes and dreams and my inner most fears has probably saved me a small fortune in therapy bills.

However, I digress.

Personal blogging is one thing – it can be therapeutic. It can be amusing. It can also be a nice little revenue stream if you capture a particular market and find it possible to sell relevant advertising space. However, business blogging is fundamentally different.

With a business blog you are going to talk about a particular subject, obviously something directly linked to your business, product or service. Rather than just getting stuff out there the point of a business blog is to increase your online visibility. But how does that work exactly?

Given I’ve not actually had my first cup of coffee yet this morning I don’t want to go all technical on you, so here’s a really basic version of what happens when search engines get involved.

A search engine is there to provide information instantly (depending on your internet connection) to the person conducting the search. In order to do this a lot of preparation goes on first. Search engines send out their little bots to crawl the internet for information. When they land on a website they scour it for information. If they find the information to be relevant and well written (i.e. not just jam packed with keywords that are hard to read) it will index the page.

What this essentially means is that it will record the information and add the details of that page to its database. So when your target audience types in their search term, for Time Saving Heroes it might be “Why you should have a business blog” it can immediately return all the relevant results for that term. If you have done your job properly your relevant website page will be amongst those results, which means there’s a good chance your target audience will click on it.

The problem with websites is that you can only have so many pages on them. Well, let’s be honest, you could have as many as you want, but the more there are the more difficult it becomes for people to navigate around it so it becomes counterproductive. A better way to provide additional information in a clear and concise way is via a blog. Each individual blog post has the potential to become its own indexed page, and will lead people back to your website.

So there you have it, in a nutshell, the point behind business blogging. Next week I’ll be looking at the additional benefits blogging provides, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, if you want to chat about what blogging could do for your business, or how Time Saving Heroes can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: 0161 883 2024


Our week 8th-12th February 2016

Here we are on Friday again, and what have the Time Saving Heroes achieved this week? Well, it’s been another busy one, full of a whole variety of jobs and tasks.

We have written five articles on holiday destinations for one of our travel agent clients. It’s safe to say if you want to find out more about the best places to visit in Rome, Jo can probably answer all your questions after the research she has done!

Lu has completed a LinkedIn profile for a client we did a CV for late last year, and we have 10 more orders for CV’s. It turns out February is going to be just as busy a month for job hunters as January was.

The good news is that Lu has now come out of her proofreading hole and has completed that 80,000 word manuscript. It is now back with the author who has a mountain of notes and edits to approve, and then the next stage will start in about 10 days.

On Tuesday Lu delivered her 10 minute spotlight at Bury Business Group which by all accounts was pretty well received. It’s a good job, she was a nervous wreck pulling it all together – we did tell her she had nothing to worry about! She decided to focus on one of her passions, content writing and the benefits blogging can have for your business, so no wonder she managed to deliver it so confidently!

Today and yesterday has been a bit quieter as Jo has been off. All the typing seems to have played havoc with her wrists, and she’s had to have steroid injections in them. OUCH! Hopefully she will be feeling better soon and will be back to her laptop on Tuesday.

Well, that’s all from us for today. We hope you’ve had a good week and you have an even better weekend. Don’t forget it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday! You have been warned!

Our week 1st-5th February 2016

This week has been pretty quiet on the whole to be honest, so we don’t have a lot to report.

One thing Lu has been working on, which is a little different to our typical weekly duties is proofing a manuscript. We do offer a proofing service; however, most people ask us to read over their leaflets or brochures before sending them off to printing. This is very different, and on a significantly larger scale.

We first met this client (let’s call him Sam) at an event in October last year. We got talking and he told Lu that he was in the process of writing a book. As a keen writer herself Lu was immediately enthralled and so commenced a lengthy conversation about what he was working on. Other than being an interesting conversation in and of itself nobody seemed to think any more of it. The night came to an end, the hangovers passed, and before we knew it we were singing in the New Year.

Early in January Sam got in touch, via a mutual friend to say that he had finished his memoirs and wanted to know if Lu would be able to give it a read over. At first he just wanted another person to review it, but on meeting up again, he decided that it might well need a proofing and editing, as well as honest feedback on the story itself.

This week we got hold of the completed manuscript and Lu has been working her way through all 80,000 words of it. We obviously can’t say too much, but she seems to be enjoying it. She’s certainly getting frustrated when we call her away from it to do something else!

She’s on course to have the first read through completed by the early part of next week, when she will go back to Sam and they will work on some alterations. We can’t say much now of course; however, when Sam’s managed to get it published we will of course share all the details with you!

Hope you’ve all had a good week, and we will see you again on Monday!