Our week 1st-5th February 2016

This week has been pretty quiet on the whole to be honest, so we don’t have a lot to report.

One thing Lu has been working on, which is a little different to our typical weekly duties is proofing a manuscript. We do offer a proofing service; however, most people ask us to read over their leaflets or brochures before sending them off to printing. This is very different, and on a significantly larger scale.

We first met this client (let’s call him Sam) at an event in October last year. We got talking and he told Lu that he was in the process of writing a book. As a keen writer herself Lu was immediately enthralled and so commenced a lengthy conversation about what he was working on. Other than being an interesting conversation in and of itself nobody seemed to think any more of it. The night came to an end, the hangovers passed, and before we knew it we were singing in the New Year.

Early in January Sam got in touch, via a mutual friend to say that he had finished his memoirs and wanted to know if Lu would be able to give it a read over. At first he just wanted another person to review it, but on meeting up again, he decided that it might well need a proofing and editing, as well as honest feedback on the story itself.

This week we got hold of the completed manuscript and Lu has been working her way through all 80,000 words of it. We obviously can’t say too much, but she seems to be enjoying it. She’s certainly getting frustrated when we call her away from it to do something else!

She’s on course to have the first read through completed by the early part of next week, when she will go back to Sam and they will work on some alterations. We can’t say much now of course; however, when Sam’s managed to get it published we will of course share all the details with you!

Hope you’ve all had a good week, and we will see you again on Monday!

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