What would you do if you realised you didn’t know how to do a task?

Back in April 2014 we wrote a piece about the sorts of questions you ought to ask a VA before you consider hiring them.

We’ve already answered “What are your core skills and services?” and “What do you think the biggest challenge would be in this role” and today I thought I’d look at a slightly trickier one: What would you do if you realised you didn’t know how to do a task?

My job as a Time Saving Hero (aka Virtual Assistant) is to make your life easier.  That only really happens if I know what I’m doing.  So I make a living by being the calm and gliding swan, even if everything is going crazy under the surface.

Which, half the time, it is.

But I digress.

I therefore want to appear as though I know everything, and can do everything (even if I have to Google it and figure it out along the way).  The last thing I want to do is have to phone you up and say “You know that thing you wanted me to do?  Yeah, no idea how to do that.”

But, the reality is, if that’s what we were faced with, that’s what I’d have to say. Or at least words to that effect.

Purely because I don’t believe in hiding from the fact I don’t know everything.  I can’t. But I can learn a lot, if you can find the time to show me – or point me in the right direction so I can figure it out myself.

There’s lots I can do, but if we stumble across something I can’t do yet, I’ll let you know, and we’ll work out a plan that ultimately still ensures you get whatever task it is you need doing done.


If you have any other questions you might want to ask please email lu@timesavingheroes.co.uk or go old fashioned and pick up the phone. Our number is 0161 883 2024.