What’s your favourite way to communicate?

A few months ago we wrote a piece about the sorts of questions you ought to ask a VA before you consider hiring them.

We’ve already answered “What are your core skills and services?” and today we thought we’d look at communication.

If you asked any of my friends, and perhaps some of my clients, they’d probably say my favourite way to communicated was loudly.  It’s the price you pay for working with an Essex girl really.  However, I’m not sure that really answers this question properly.

But that said, it’s not necessarily the easiest of questions to answer, purely because I think it depends on what it is you’re trying to communicate in the first place.

Personally I’m quite a fan of email.  I like to document things, and that way it’s already done for me. However, many people don’t use emails effectively, which causes more problems than it solves.

In my opinion emails should only be used to provide information and act as a point of reference (but make sure they are sent to the people who need that information, not just everyone) or to answer quick questions/make plans.

If you start entering in to a stream of back and forth, or emails that have a few paragraphs in them then you need to pick up the phone.

Nothing beats the phone for getting to the heart of the matter quickly.  Admittedly it’s not always convenient, but that’s what voicemail or call backs were invented for.

I will work whichever way is best for a client – if they know they ignore their emails, then I’ll pick up the phone. If I know they’re busy, and a call will disturb them, I’ll send an email.

The only thing I really hate using is text, especially when it’s out of hours.  If I’m off-duty then I really am off-duty. I will open your message, I might even read it, but it won’t go in.  But then in my mind, I’ve processed it, because I’ve read it.  And then I’ll struggle to remember to do it.

Text is never a good way to get hold of me.  If you want to run a relationship like that with a VA, then I’m sorry, I am not the VA for you.


However, if you’re more used to email, phone calls, Skype, face to face or anything like that then I might be your girl.  Give me a call on 0161 883 2024 and I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further.