The one with Blue Monday

It has been another crazy (but enjoyable) week in the life of this Time Saving Hero. CVs are still proving popular, with many people looking for customer service roles. One thing I have seen this week is a huge increase in the number of people thinking about their LinkedIn profiles. I’ve already completed seven LinkedIn reviews, with another 15 scheduled for next week!

It’s great that people are being serious about getting involved in this platform more for 2017, and making sure their profiles are completely up to scratch is a fantastic way to start. Personally I really enjoy doing the reviews and providing people with top tips, especially when they say “I never knew you could do that”. LinkedIn is a fantastic network, but, like many things, a lot of what it’s capable of is done behind the scenes.

Work started in earnest this week on an event I am helping to organise for later in the year. I confess, this is the sort of thing I adore doing – a big project you can really get your teeth in to. Everyone is so passionate, which is infectious, but they want to do the fun things and not have to worry about the admin. I totally get it, pulling timetables and lists together is the cruddy end of the process, but it needs doing, and it’s lovely being able to take that off their plate so they can get on with the razzle-dazzle bit at the other end.

My BforB Ladies group met again for the first time this week since the Christmas break and I didn’t realise how much I’d missed them! I am lucky enough to be moderator for this group of lovelies, and it is such a joy seeing a group of individuals working so well together. I am excited to see where the group is going over the next 12 months and look forward to being a huge part of it.

My biggest challenge

Parts of this week have been tough because it’s been the doom and gloom week. A lot of people really seem to have been hit by Blue Monday, and at times it’s been hard not being one of them. For many of the clients I’ve spoken to, they are starting to feel the weight of their resolutions now that they have fully returned to normal work life. Many of them are getting follow-up calls today – it is Fail Friday after all and I want to make sure they’ve not cracked.

I’ve heard a lot of “I don’t know why I thought I could do that …” and “It’s never going to happen, it’s too hard” from people over the last few days, and it’s been tough not to slap them. My favourite saying has been pulled out a fair few times this week: “If you want to do something you’ll find a way, if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”.

I firmly believe that, and I hope everyone will be slightly more positive next week.

My highlight

I am well aware this is going to sound odd, but my highlight this week was a client telling me they didn’t need me anymore.

I have worked with this client for four years, and I have enjoyed every crazy minute. There is no part of his business I haven’t been involved in, and I’ve had some pretty random tasks as a result. My favourite might well be viewing properties in Chester for him to buy. The sorts of places I couldn’t afford to buy a garage for.

Anyway, I digress. Over the years we have built an amazing relationship (so amazing that we actually feel comfortable enough to properly argue with each other now), but I always knew this day would come. I was hired because he didn’t have the time to do things himself, or the need for a full time member of staff. That has now changed. He has an office in London, already kitted out with staff, and he has just interviewed two new team members to replace me.

I’m just going to say that again – he needs two people, to replace one me. Yeah, that gives me a happy.

The point is, while I am of course sad not to be working with Baz any longer, it’s a perfect reminder of what I actually do. The whole point of having a VA is to help you move your business forward, in whatever way you want to. That might mean increased sales, expansion or simply keeping your head above water.  He wanted to grow, and he has. Where he is now it’s hard to imagine he once operated out of a tiny box room in his Mum’s flat!

Were it not for the fact that I’m still stuck with Dry January I’d be raising a glass of champagne to Baz and the part I played in his journey. For the time being, I shall make do with my cuppa. I’m proud of you kid!


Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week, ready to start all over again.

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