Have you got the new LinkedIn layout yet?

Some of you with your finger on the pulse are no doubt well aware of the changes LinkedIn is bringing to its user interface throughout 2017. For some, the new look has been available since late 2016, for others it is still in the process of rolling out.

Which side of the experience you sit on seems to be pretty random, from what I can tell.

For those who have already been swapped over, or for those who are still waiting the Big Change, I thought I would run through a few of the main differences between the two versions, to help you get your bearings.

The Colour

As changes go, the move to teal isn’t really a big deal (unless you’re colourblind, perhaps) however, LinkedIn has been a variation of grey, black, white and blue for, well, for ever, so the change takes a bit of getting used to.

According to LinkedIn logic, the change is to synergise with their app, so things will hopefully be a little more intuitive for those switching between mobile and desktop.

The Home page

When you go to the new home page you will see a snapshot of your profile on the left hand side. This will show your background image, profile picture, headline as well as how many times your profile and latest article have been viewed.

Personally, I prefer the new layout as a lot of things I am interested in looking at are now all in one easy to find space. However, I do think it’s a shame they have removed the ranking feature, which was always a good way of establishing what was working, and what wasn’t. Fingers crossed they bring it back.

Share an article, photo or update is now all on one line; making it easier to access in some ways, but may prove confusing for some. Equally, the publish an article option is now on a separate line, and seems to be a much quicker way of getting to write and post an article. Some people have been complaining about it, but personally I can’t see any issue.

Other than the ads, nothing is really different with your timeline at all, other than, in my opinion, it looks a little cleaner and easier to navigate.

Your Profile

We no longer have a profile section, instead it’s just Me. You can still access it by clicking on your circular photo on the right of the tool bar at the top, and a drop down menu will appear offering you a variety of options including view profile, as well as all the standard settings etc.

When you look at your profile you will see that the background image has changed dimension. LinkedIn suggest that 1536 x 738 works best, but in reality, 1800 x 300 appears to.

Your profile photo is now smaller, and circular (which I think improves matters), and your summary section is no longer completely visible. People will have to click See More to view it all, which means it is imperative you make those first two lines count! It might well be worth reviewing your content at this time.

One downside is you can no longer move sections of your profile around to customise what is important to you. This might be a feature that is brought back in time, and admittedly isn’t the end of the world, but it was a nice to have for a while.

Next week I’ll cover what other people’s profiles look like from your perspective, as well as the new My Network section and Notifications.

In the meantime, if you want to take advantage of this new layout to create new content for your LinkedIn profile get in touch for a review or advice: call 0161 883 2024.

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