The one with the content

This week has been quite an eclectic mix now I look back on it.

The middle of the month normally sees me tidying up plans for people’s content and social media for the coming month, and that’s what’s been dominating my time since Monday.

My biggest challenge

In honesty, it’s preparing for next month that has been my biggest challenge this week. I’ve proofed 25 articles that I’d already written, and then wrote a further 19.  I’ve also scheduled a grand total of 46 Tweets and 173 Facebook posts for various clients.

I admit I’m a little out of love with social media right now!

Trying to find original content each month can be a huge challenge, especially with those clients that really want to take a hands-off approach to their social media marketing.  However, because I work to an editorial calendar (as far as possible) with all of them, I do usually have something to go off – even if it is very basic.


My highlight

On top of my writing and scheduling I’ve completed 15 hours of LinkedIn training with different clients, both face to face and via Skype/Go To Meeting.

I know I’ve said it before, but I really enjoy teaching people how to do things they’ve been struggling with, and seeing them “get it”.  Unfortunately I don’t have the patience to actually be a teacher, but a few hours a week suits me down to the ground.



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