The New LinkedIn UI (Part II)

Last month I wrote a post about the new LinkedIn layout, and some of the main changes that have been brought in including the colour scheme, home page and profile.

This week I wanted to take a look at a few other things that might be of interest.

Other people’s profiles

As you can expect, if your profile has changed, so too will other people’s.

Firstly, the contact information is all shown on the right hand side of the profile, and is accessed by clicking Show More.

This will show the personalised LinkedIn URL (if applicable), phone numbers, websites and email addresses etc. Of course, this all depends on what information the individual has included on their profile, but at least now you know where you can find it.

It’s even easier to message a contact now, as there is a large Message button in the middle of the screen, just below their profile picture. Other interactions are just as easy to perform, such as sharing a profile, removing, blocking or reporting etc – you just need to click on the three grey dots slightly to the right of their profile picture. There are a host of other options too which you might want to play around with including request a recommendation.

There is a new section called Highlights, which is essentially an update of the old In Common feature. This is much easier to access and information is displayed more clearly, showing what contacts, groups or interests you have in common with a particular member.

The revised activity section is a great way to stalk what others are up to – showing posts on the left hand side and updates on the right. This will also highlight recent comments, likes and shares that the user has been involved with. Personally I think it’s laid out really well, but I do know some people who have found it to be a bit too cluttered for their liking.


My Network

In the old My Network section you had connections, Add Contacts, People You May Know and Alumni. The new section takes you straight to invitations, followed by People You May Know.

In order to view your current connections you need to click on the option on the left of the screen, which is not very intuitive.

This brings me on to my biggest bug bear with the new UI. In fact, I hate it. LinkedIn has removed the option to tag people (unless you pay for a premium account). Now you can only sort connections by recently added, or first/last name. It’s a huge blow for lead generation, and a cheap trick to try to boost income from LinkedIn’s perspective.



While I am still in a bad mood about tagging, I might as well carry on being piddled off and head straight for the search function. Gone is the ability to do an advanced or premium search. There are no longer saved searches. You can no longer sort companies by connections, although some features do remain.

You can still use the Boolean modifier OR, but that’s arguably of reduced use as they have taken away AND and NOT!

The reality is, if you want to access the better features for search purposes you are going to have to upgrade and part with your pretty pennies.