How much should a call handling service cost?

How much a call handling service costs you will depend largely on what sort of service you’re hoping to receive. Not all offerings are created equal.


Human Voicemail

There are some organisations that will only provide you with a human voicemail option. This essentially means that whilst a real-live person will answer your calls, they will do nothing more than simply take a message. These messages may then be emailed to you, or sent over via SMS or even WhatsApp; all depending on your preferences.

This is the most basic option and will usually cost in the region of £30 per month. You might then have additional charges depending on the number of calls you receive, and if you want any add on services, such as customer call back.


Customer Service

Other companies, such as Time Saving Heroes, offer a more customer service focussed answering solution. With this option your calls are answered by an individual, or team, who have been trained to understand how your business operates. They act as though they are part of your business, rather than an outsourced entity.

This is essential because it allows them to provide a better level of service to your customer – able to answer questions, deal with queries, handle complaints, make appointments, check order status and even upsell.

Prices for this level of service vary greatly; however, you should never expect to pay less then £50 per month. This ensures that staff are fully trained and able to best represent your company professionally. You may also have additional charges to pay if you exceed your call limits.


Virtual Reception

Larger call handling and answering services often have their own office space, and use this to be able to offer a full virtual reception package. This will include not only the customer service element of call handling, but will also allow you to direct any post to their office buildings, which will they will handle on your behalf. They may also have conferencing facilities for you to use, or hot desk options if you require some different to work for any reason.

Again, charges will vary, but virtual reception prices tend to be in the region of £5 per month alone, so expect to pay towards £60 per month for the full package (depending on location, of course).
If you want to find out more about the services we offer here at Time Saving Heroes, please give us a call on 0161 883 2024.

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