How much is a call handling service worth?

Back in January we answered the question how much should a call handling service cost?  We know that, as business owners, your primary concern is going to be your bottom line. When you decide whether to go ahead with a service or product, you need to know how much it’s going to cost you, your business and what impact that’s going to have on profits.

However, when you simply focus on how much something is going to cost you, you’re not paying attention to the bigger picture.  The reality is, asking how much it is, is ultimately the wrong question.

Instead, you should be asking, how much is it worth?


The price of missed calls

Without a professional call handling option (whether that’s inhouse or outsourced) there’s a high chance you’re going to miss calls.  Those calls could be from suppliers, providing you with an update, or they could be from customers.  They could also be from potential customers, or people who are hoping to make a referral to you.

Unfortunately, here at Time Saving Heroes we don’t have a crystal ball.  So, we’re not going to pretend to know for one second how many calls you might miss each day, each week or each month.  Equally, we don’t know how much those calls might be worth to you and your business.

However, we can take an educated guess.

Let’s suppose you miss just one call a week using your current system.

Equally, let’s suppose that call would have been worth £10 per month, for the next 12 months.  That’s £120 lost to your business, from just one call.

Times that by 52, for each week of the year, and you’ve suddenly cost your business a potential £6,240.

Not only have you lost that money, but you’ve also missed out on 52 new customers.  That’s 52 people you can’t upsell to, and that’s 52 people who will no longer be able to recommend you to other people.  Even worse, that’s 52 people who have gone elsewhere, are spending their money with your competitors, and are no doubt recommending your customers over you.

Really, how much is that worth?

Saving you time and money

Here at Time Saving Heroes our standard call answering package is £50 per month.  That ensures your calls are answered, messages are taken, appointments are booked and queries are handled professionally.

That’s £600 per year.

A good call answering service with the right team will pay for itself, rather than cost you anything.  A really good one will even increase your revenue.


If you want to find out more about getting us on your side, give us a call on 0161 883 2024.

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