Don’t make these mistakes when applying for a job

You’ve spent all day pulling together a winning CV and Cover Letter, and now you’re ready to send it off.

But, before you do, check out our 9 common pitfalls and things to avoid, otherwise, you may find yourself in the reject pile before you even get started!

#1 – What’s in a name?

Shakespeare might have waxed lyrical about this, but to each individual, their name is quite important. Make sure, when sending an application, you get the addressees name correct.

Mrs Smith does not want to be referred to as Mr Smith, any more so than Jonathan wants to be called Jonathon.

While you’re at it, make sure you proof your CV and Cover Letter to make sure you have spelt references to the company, their services, or products correctly. Spell check might not automatically pick up on these, or worse, might autocorrect them!

#2 – Spell check!

It’s worth saying it again, SPELL CHECK all your documents. Don’t just rely on your spell checker to do all the hard work for you, make sure you give your CV and Cover Letter a proper read through to make sure everything is correct, you’ve used the right tense throughout, and it makes sense.

If you can, ask a friend or family member to read over it too.

#3 – Great application, wrong employer

If you’re sending out a lot of applications in one go, make sure you are sending the right CV and Cover Letter to the right employer. We’ve seen it before where someone has sent a CV for a PA role to the recruiter advertising for a Social Media Executive (a role they also wanted to apply for).

#4 – Get attached

It’s easily done, and at some point or other we’ve all either done it ourselves, or know of someone who has – but when you are saying “please find attached …” make sure you actually attach the mentioned document.

Failure to do so will either get your application ignored, or at best, will create a bad impression of someone who is not able to pay attention to detail.

#5 – Get your formatting right

These days people open documents in a whole host of different formats, and there are countless version of Word out there. Make sure you save your CV and Cover Letter attachments as simple .docs so anyone can open them.

Don’t spend a lot of time creating a stunningly formatted document, especially as on some computers, mobiles or laptops this will be distorted. If you have got a highly creative CV you are best off sending it as a PDF.

#6 – Don’t forget your name

You don’t need to write CV or Curriculum Vitae at the top of your CV, people know what it is, but you do need to make sure that your name is clearly legible. You want that to be remembered.

Also take a moment to make sure that all the relevant, and correct, contact details are included so you’re easy to get hold of when they phone you to request an interview.

#7 – Get a new email address

If you’re a fan of cutesy email addresses, now might be the time to set up a new one. is unlikely to create the impression you’re looking for.

Equally, don’t be disrespectful to your current employer by sending your CV for a new role from your works address. Yes, you might be sending it out of hours, but it still doesn’t look great.

#8 – Once more for luck …

Go on, give it another spell check and read over.

#9 – Press send

Don’t spend all that time writing, checking, proofing and tweaking and then talk yourself out of applying. Once you are happy with your content and its delivery, press send.

Good luck!


Remember, here at Time Saving Heroes we offer CV and Cover Letter writing services, as well as full reviews of your current CV so you can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Give us a call on 0161 883 2024, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or just drop us an email to


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